Friday, July 29, 2011

حزن وطن

لا عجب أن كل شئ يثار حاليا هو نتاج بشر
تخلو عن الدين لاجل الدنيا
فويل لامة تدفع بأبنائها
الى الموت مرتين ..
موتا جسديا بيد مُطلق الرصاص
وموتا روحيا بيد احد مدعين الايمان


Born Leader said...

i went through your "about" page and shocked when sew "born in wrong time and wrong place" .... regarding time!! ok! i have nothing to say! but place!!! well , it's SUDAN its your country , i don't care if you were originally from Syria ,, after all we are all from some where else even Syrians where are they from originally!!? .... i am proud to see such gifted Sudanese and hopefully you see your self like this as well a "gifted Sudanese"!

Nour Nouh said...

Hi .. well the word place is not for the country I meant something else .. I am very proud of my Sudanese Nationality and you can see if you really went through my blog the things I never said about the love I have for My country .. thank you for you time and words